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Personal info


    Name: Lada "Bronwyn" Plihalova
    Age: 37
    Zodiac Sign: Lion
    Status: Common law union
    Town of Origin: Usti nad Labem (North Bohemia)
    Current City: Bournemouth (United Kingdom, Dorset)

    Social and culture antropology, minor: Journalistic;
    International Relations and Sociology (B.A. and M.A. on Westbohemian University in Pilsen).      

    Postgradual: European Union Administrative (Charles University Prague);
    Diplomatic Academy of Czech Republic (Prague, Ministry of foreign affairs).

    PT licence and courses:
    Coach school of Peter Stach (2005) - fitness instructor, bodybuilding coach, coach for weightlifting and fitness, basic nutrition
    faculty of PT Pilsen:  weightlifting and training methodes (2002 - subject, Faculty of Physical Education)
    World class Gym: Internal course for personal coaches : core training, imballances diagnose and cure, training for better condition.
    Steve Nash gym: CPR and healthcare in fitnesscentre (CAN Red Cross)
    Nashfit - Functional training
    Dotfit Fitness faculty - expert in nutrition (nutritional course)
    Canfitpro > Personal Coach course (not finished)

    What I like: Training in the gym, cooking healthy foods, preping for shows, and if having some time for other things than: training others - helping them achieve their own goals, never mind if only for themselves or competition goals, writing articles about the sport, writing novels and short stories, painting pics (oils, pencils), making jewellery. I like also walking in the nature and mountaineering and rock climbing, horseriding and horses, relaxing at home or during a good massage, going out with my man and friends when offseason.

Music: any, but mostly 60ties-80ties and film music
Films: Kill Bil, Sin City, Starwars, Milion Dollar baby, Wrestler
TV: Big Bang theory, Red Dwarf, Married with children, the Simpsons (my evening relax after training)
Training videos: Blood and Guts (it rocks!), Raising the bar (see parts of my own life there - LOL)
Books: historical, fantasy, popular scientistic, Black Beauty from Ana Sewell

What I dislike: Sidetalks, jealousiness, disrespect to me as to an athlete not only from people outside of the sport but also from some "fans of female bodybuilding" as well. Rude behavior in the society. Lack of communication and spreading lies.

What is my best achievement: I was 2009 Nationals Runner up, 2009 Figure World championship finalist, 2010 World champion in raw benchpress and 2011 European Cup NABBA winner and NAC Bodybuilding World championship finalist and the greatest achievement was same year WFF Universe 1st runner up and winner at NPC Pacific USA championship. 2013 I was IFBB Arnold Classic Amateur finalist (5th) in Women Physique class.

But what I really achieved is better knowledge of myself, self consiousness, self discipline, thanks to my former coach I grew up mentally and I am able to see things realistic and be selfconfident without too much focusing on the sport itself. That is the best achievement sport might give me.


BODY STATS at its biggest/smallest

    Height: 162 cm (5´3.75")
    Weight: offseason 70kg (154lbs)/ competition 58kg (around 128lbs),
    current weight 70kg (154lb)
    Chest: offseason 120 cm (47.2")/ competition 102cm (40.16")
    Waist: offseason 68 cm (26.8")/ competition 51 cm (21.2")
    Hips: offseason 85 cm (33.5")/ competition 79 cm (31.1")
    Butt: offseason 93 cm (36.6")/ competition 88 cm (34.6")
    Thighs: offseason 67 cm (26.4")/ competition 58 cm (22.8")
    Calves: offseason 40 cm (15.8")/ competition 38 cm (14.96")
    Biceps: offseason 39 cm (15.4")/ competition 37 cm (14.6")



    benchpress 100 kg x 1 (220 lb)/ 90kg x 1 (198 lb at contest)
    deadlift 130 x 4 (286 lb), 100 x 20 (220lb)
    rackpull 160 x 7 (352lb)   
    barbell bent over rows 100kg x 8 (220 lb)
    one arm bent over rows 50kg x 10 (110 lb)
    free squat 110 kg x 3 (242 lb)